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Cover Reveal!

You may have seen this if you follow us on Instagram (and you should*): the cover for THE ITERATIONS OF CAROLINE, Roy Blomstrom's new novel, releasing as an e-book later this month and in print this spring!

"The Iterations of Caroline is the story of a woman growing into her power, the man who loves her, and the evil that pursues them both."

More from the back cover:

On a summer afternoon, David Williamson almost—but doesn’t—run into a mirror version of himself in his upstairs bedroom. Downstairs, he finds that his world has changed, and so has he, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

While investigating this same-but-different world, David meets Caroline Reynolds. She’s lost and in danger. Caroline’s ex-husband, Rey, is trying to kill her, and soon, Rey wants David dead as well.

From a former student and a network of physicist friends, Caroline and David learn that they’re traveling through the multiverse—multiple versions of the universe. And ominously, Rey seems to be in charge of their trip.

Caroline and David must harness everything they can, from every iteration of the multiverse they visit and every version of themselves they meet or become.

* We're ShuniahHouseBooks on Instagram: catchy, eh?

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