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How to Support an Author

If you've been to an airport lately, you've likely seen the same ten books for sale that someone else at an airport across the content saw on the same day.

Nothing wrong with that! There are readers for lots of different kinds of books! But the best-seller lists aren't the only way for readers to find books they like.

Word of mouth is a great way to share a book with someone who hasn't read it yet.

So, people who've already read a book, or who want to read a book but can't afford to buy every book on the planet (::raises hand::) can still help.

Lots of times, starting a conversation about a book helps make it visible to potential readers.

If you've read one of our books, be sure to tell a friend or two, and leave a review! Goodreads, Chapters, Amazon--they all work, and you can post the review in more than one place.

And if you haven't yet read a book, that's OK--check your local library. Maybe they have it, or they've had a couple of requests and yours would sway their decision to buy!

If you haven't read it yet but are excited to, you could mention that fact--either at an in-person book club or on social media.

We so appreciate all our readers and are grateful for your support!

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