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New Local Memoir

Sue Simonsen, a Thunder Bay fixture, recently launched her memoir, THE TIMES OF MY LIFE.

Born in the Lakehead, Simonsen was educated in Toronto, North Carolina, and at Lakehead University, and focused on twin passions: social programming and education.

She found many significant ways to contribute to the health and growth of the city and region. During the early 1970s, when the twin cities Port Arthur and Fort William were amalgamating into Thunder Bay, she led efforts to reorganize social programs. She was involved in establishing the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, which funds local nonprofit organizations to pursue projects large and small.

The memoir honestly chronicles the ups and downs--the stressors--that times of change can bring to families and communities. Couples pursue professional opportunities that help them grow, perhaps apart or perhaps together. A change of scene to pursue higher education can make room for insights that prove valuable "back home."

As she says in her concluding chapters, "Community growth demands leadership," and Thunder Bay has been lucky to have her contributions.

This book, which is scheduled to appear in the local Chapters store, would make an excellent gift for anyone with an interest in local history.

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