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Appreciating Appreciations

A local writer, Patrick Peotto, published his thoughts about SILENCES: A NOVEL OF THE 1918 FINNISH CIVIL WAR over on the blog for NOWW, the Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop.

"Silences kept me intrigued. I love a good mystery. It also appealed to my historical curiosity. But more so, it made me think of the human condition, the terrible consequences of war, and the incredible ability of people to cope with the unimaginable. The story made me think and feel. What more can you ask of a novel?"

Thanks so much for reading, Patrick. Those are the kinds of questions Roy Blomstrom considered as he was writing. It's nice to know his work inspired your own reflections.

Roy wrote a companion--not a prequel or sequel, perhaps an "e-quel"?--to SILENCES. We hope it share it with you in 2022.

NOWW is a writing organization with representatives from across Northwestern Ontario (and connections in the US). It offers workshops, opportunities to read and share your work, awards and contests, and other programs to support writing and writers in the community. Roy's a longtime member of NOWW and highly recommends it to people in search of community.

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