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The Devil's Violin NOW AVAILABLE

"THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN: MYLLYSILTA'S HISTORY is a story of surviving and thriving, of love and heartbreak, and of the wisdom of leaving past songs unsung."

For fans of historical fiction, Canadian fiction, Finnish immigrant culture, and stories of community and family, THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN is now available on shelves at Entershine Bookshop in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and through Amazon.

Two young men in Finland late in 1917: a tumultuous time, just as Finland declares its independence from Russia and the civil war for control of Finland's future begins. Their paths through the civil war, its aftermath in Finland, and in new lives in North America keep intersecting.

But the two men are very different.

Jussi Mantere has strong family connections in Gamlaby, the small community in Finland where he grows up and excels in school. When he emigrates to Port Arthur, a small town in Ontario, Canada, he builds a new community quickly.

Antti Myllysilta, in contrast, is born into violence and early learns he must kill to survive. Although he also chooses to settle in Port Arthur, his approach is different--he is a loner, an opportunist, a shrewd and extremely successful businessman.

SILENCES: A NOVEL OF THE 1918 FINNISH CIVIL WAR followed Jussi Mantere and his friends from Gamlaby through the war, to Canada, and through the summer of 1955. Now, THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN shows Antti Myllysilta's transformation into Andrew Millbridge, his path to success and determination to protect his family, and what's at stake for him that summer in 1955.

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