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June Bestseller!

THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN: MYLLYSILTA'S HISTORY was a best-seller in June at Thunder Bay's independent bookstore, Entershine Bookshop!

Located on Algoma in the traditional Finnish Bay-Algoma neighbourhood (featured in both THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN and SILENCES), Entershine has created a wonderful community for readers and writers alike.

We look forward to future events with them.

An excerpt from THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN: MYLLYSILTA'S HISTORY: "It was, Antti reflected, a difficult dilemma, to be known or not. In Gamlaby last week, no one knew him so no one would trust him. In Kokkola, many people had met or heard of his brothers--their ruthlessness, their brutality--and had made assumptions about Antti, incorrect ones. He'd taken care to show a face in Kokkola that was more intelligent and less wild than the faces of his brothers. Sometims it was less dangerous to be known and trusted, but sometimes it was easier not to be known at all."

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