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Cradle of the Deep: Surprises

One of the most interesting aspects of publishing books is seeing what resonates with readers.

Sometimes books have one or more obvious audiences. SILENCES: A NOVEL OF THE 1918 FINNISH CIVIL WAR has many potential readers: those who are interested in war history, Finnish history, social history, northwestern Ontario, Port Arthur in 1955, and others.

When we chose to publish CRADLE OF THE DEEP: MEMOIR OF A LAKE SUPERIOR COTTAGE, we had no idea what others would think of it. We made it available mostly because my mother wrote it for her young grandchildren, and those grandchildren are now having their own young children. We wanted to be sure it's available to those young children when they're ready for it.

Meanwhile, other friends are also reading it. Many people in northwestern Ontario have had experience camping out along Lake Superior or one of the many inland lakes, and they enjoy telling me about their experiences, which they're reminded of by those of my mother and grandmother. One friend shared his copy with a woman going through a difficult passage, and it sparked happy memories that eased her challenging time.

Recently, one of my sister's friends left a review on Goodreads (four stars; thanks, Mark!). He's writing his own memoir--so of course, reading memoirs is good preparation for that. Also, he mentions that it shows what life was like in the 1920s and 30s, to the beginning of WWII. I take for granted her stories of woodburning stoves and the advent of cars, and I appreciated his reminder.

Thank you to everyone who has read one of our books. Special thanks to those who leave a review or otherwise are in touch to tell us why you enjoyed the experience! And happy reading to all.

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