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Now Available! Silences: A Novel of the 1918 Finnish Civil War

We're thrilled to announce the publication of


by Roy Blomstrom.

Set in Finland in 1918, just at the end of World War I, and in Port Arthur, Ontario in the summer of 1955, SILENCES follows Jussi Mantere and his friends through the war and its aftermath.

After the months of fighting in 1918, the price of mending Finland's fractures is silence: to heal and forget, both victor and vanquished, White and Red, are asked not to speak of the war. In Canada, Jussi and other immigrants continue to keep silent. But decades after the war, events set in motion in Finland come to haunt Jussi's family. Jussi must decide whether and how to break his silence about the past and its horrors, and spare his grandson the bitter burden of generations-old resentments.

Available in softcover and ebook formats, SILENCES is available for ordering here.

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